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Bariatric Surgery - Surgical Weight Loss & Gastric Banding
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After viewing our website, you still may want to know more about the LAP-BAND® procedure. The Sanctuary Surgery Center in Boca Raton offers free patient education seminars to give you a better understanding of this process. Conducted by a certified LAP-BAND® surgeon in Boca Raton, these seminars help to:

  • Educate potential patients on the LAP-BAND® and other surgical weight loss options.
  • Familiarize potential patients with the surgeon and staff.
  • Listen to success stories from previous LAP-BAND® surgery patients.
  • Answer your questions concerning the procedure and its results.

Change your Life – Take Control of your Body

If you’re 30 pounds overweight or more, have a history of obesity-related comorbid conditions, and hold a BMI of 30 kg/m2, the LAP-BAND® procedure may be able to help you lose weight. Avoid health risks associated with increased weight while enjoying a more active lifestyle! See what LAP-BAND® can do for you:

  • Feel Better
  • Spend Less on Food – Save up to $1,400 per month!
  • Increase your Health
  • Boost your Confidence
  • Get the old "You" Back

For thousands of people, LAP-BAND® is the tools that helps them take charge of their
weight and their health.

About Sanctuary Surgical Center in Boca Raton

LAP-BAND Surgery Doctor in Boca Raton

Handal Plastic Surgery at the Sanctuary Surgery Center is the leading cosmetic surgery center of the Southeast Florida region, providing excellent consultation, surgery, and post-operative services. Headed by Doctor Arthur G. Handal, top plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Boca Raton, the professional staff of the Sanctuary Surgery Center offers the best in patient care. Many of our staff members have 20+ years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field. At Handal Plastic Surgery, we’re not just surgeons; we are specialists, with increased time and energy put into each patient that walks through our door. See Our Facility here

Cosmetic Surgery Center in Boca Raton

It’s Like Having your own Personalized & Private Hospital

  • Highly Skilled Physicians
  • State of the art facility
  • Thousands of Happy Clients

Complete Ambulatory Hospital | Licensed | Insured

The Sanctuary Surgery Center is a Full-Service, Ambulatory Surgery Center that Performs many types of Processes:

For a full list of our services please click here

Our Facility:

The Sanctuary Surgery Center in Boca Raton offers VIP treatment to all of its patients, extending specialized care to each unique need. Above all, we rely on our undeniable results as a testament to our quality, both as a facility and for our surgeon skill level.

Other cosmetic surgery centers are concerned with volume of patients and a swift procedure and recovery cycle.

The staff at Handal Plastic Surgery believes in providing in depth surgery counseling, understanding and meeting each patient’s specific needs, and providing a comfortable atmosphere throughout the surgery process.

Our board-certified surgeons and specialists operate in a clean and elegant facility located in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida. Operating in a safe and comfortable environment, our professionals are all licensed, insured, and board certified, providing its clients with the most in-depth care available in the region.

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Learn about weight loss surgery options, the LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding System, hear from LAP-BAND® patients and how to find seminars near you.

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Success Stories

"I tried every diet known to man. Nothing worked for me. I would lose 30 lbs and gain 50 every single time."

Your results may vary.

Success Stories

"I thought it was great, if I got pregnant…the fluid could be removed and I could have a temporary, 'regular' stomach again."

Your results may vary.

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Start by asking your Surgeon a few questions. Your surgeon is the best person to guide you. Here are some questions to help start your discussion.